Fish Area - Research and Development (R&D)


The research and development area of the fish line has as goal giving efficient solutions to classic sanitary problems and emerging in Chilean salmoniculture. Among the diverse research lines, there’s the development of vaccines against pathologies like SRS, Infectious Pancreatic Necrosis, Vibriosis, Furunculosis and Infectious Salmon Anaemia. Recently a research line on parasiticides has been opened with the aim of finding an effective therapy on the long term against the Caligus.


The production and biologic quality control areas, together with the fish area, have successfully developed monovalent vaccines against Vibriosis, Infectious Pancreatic Necrosis, Furunculosis and SRS, apart from triple and mixed formulations. Most of these formulations have been approved already by the Livestock and Agricultural Service (SAG – Chile). Together with these products, our laboratory is leading great part of its efforts towards the improvement of vaccines from the aspects of formulation, delivery ways, and capacity to extend immunity. All these variables are evaluated in our fresh and salt water facilities aiming to obtain ideal and adequate answers to each different stage on the salmonids growth.


Among the most relevant achievement in the area, there is the ISA vaccine, first Chilean vaccine against this pathology, and first recombinant vaccine produced through 100% genetic engineering in the country. This milestone on the pharmaceutical-veterinary Chilean industry has delivered outstanding results, and has been the base to polyvalent formula, such as the quadruple SRS-IPN-Vibrio-ISA vaccine, recently approved by the SAG, and the quintuple vaccine which is in process of delivery to our sanitary authority.


According to the last paragraph, the laboratory has achieved a pioneer technological change on the industry, based on the use of oral vaccines which besides from making the process of the product’s delivery to the receiver easier, and from supporting indirectly the decreased use of antibiotic, it also allows the fish booster in situations where injection represents an associate risk, for instance on great size fish or near to harvest. The first authorized product of this line was the oral SRS vaccine, followed by the oral ISA vaccine, using as base the same antigens produced with top generation technology in our facilities.


Among the most important advances on the research level, there’s the improvement of the P. salmonis culture that has led to obtain the pathogen in similar quantities to the ones found when culturing a pathogen of free living and high purity, determination of immunoprotective and immunopotential antigens and the creation of experimental vaccines using recombinant DNA technology. Our team has implemented the “Immunologic monitoring program of vaccines provided in salmonids”, pioneer and innovative program in the industry, which integrates the evaluation on site of the immune response from vaccinated fish by our products, besides from the status of infection evaluation of these. This program has allowed us elaborate diagrams of different factors which predispose outbreaks, which let know and inform our clients about the best way to minimize eventual problems and also optimize the future vaccination programs.