Avian Vaccines Area - Research and Development (R&D)


The R&D avian area of Laboratory Centrovet, came out with the objective of satisfying the demand of the national and international avian industry with more secure and efficient products that help the timely control of a wide variety of pathogens, of viral and bacterial nature.

According to this demand, the research and development area counts with registered vaccines against:

  1. Inclusion Body Hepatitis (IBH), based on the virus chemical inactivation (serotype 4) and formulated in an Aluminum hydroxide gel, that extends the immune response without causing adverse effects in the place of injection.

  2. Infectious Bronchitis in two forms:

  • Chemically inactivated BIX strain and formulated in suspension with Aluminum hydroxide gel.

  • Live BIX strain attenuated and lyophilized.

During the last period, it has been developed successfully a vaccine against paratyphoid infections caused by Salmonella enterica serovar enteritidis (S. enteritidis), its register form is in process of revision by the Livestock and Agricultural Service (SAG). This vaccine has in its formulation national isolates belonging to two dominant sub-groups in infections caused by S. enteritidis, presenting great efficacy in vaccination systems and challenges in controlled conditions.

Another achievement of the laboratory’s development and of the biological area is the register form of the vaccine against avian Colibacillosis, unique formula derived from a study over two years of research of national seroprevalence.

Additional developing products are current necessities of industry, such as the vaccine against Ornithobacterium rinotracheale, Pasteurella multocida, and the Infectious Coryza caused by Avibacterium paragallinarum.

An important aspect on the development of these vaccines it’s the capability of to analyze on the molecular and antigenic level the incidence of different isolated for a determined pathology. This process, as a result of the interaction between this area with national and international diagnostic laboratories, allows the precise formulation of every designed vaccine, which may contain depending on the level of pathogen variation, only prevailing serotypes worldwide to isolated national outbreaks.